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freelance taskforce


tiata intervention: freelance taskforce

Last month, we joined 138 organisations in pledging our commitment to freelancers. Part of that commitment is sponsoring a freelancer to join the freelance taskforce.

“The Theatre and Performance Freelancer Task Force presented a conundrum that we wrestled with – with 9 days between call to action and the announcement – open recruitment and miss the start date or appoint from within our ever growing intersectional community of black freelancers. We – and let’s be completely frank – I (Natalie Ibu – AD & CEO) – opted for the later. We pulled a list of all the freelancers we’ve engaged over the last 18 months. There were 91 names. I went through and thought about who the voices and identities are that are being marginalised. We are not marginal, we’re mademarginal. We’re being pushed to the margins – if acknowledged at all. Now – more than ever – we should take our rightful place at the centre of the conversation. I thought about gender, disability, sexuality, discipline and I thought about all these things – and more – in conversation with each other. We’re super excited to be able to sponsor Xana – a sound designer/artist, musician, performer, workshop facilitator, community organiser and Matilda Ibini – a bionic screenwriter and playwright – on the Theatre and Performance Freelancer Task Force.”

Natalie Ibu (Artistic Director & CEO)

Matilda Ibini is a bionic playwright and screenwriter from London. Credits include: The Unexpected Expert (Headlong, Century Films & BBC Four), Little Miss Burden (Bunker Theatre), The Grape That Rolled Under The Fridge (BBC Radio 3), Choice and Control (Old Vic Theatre), Muscovado (Theatre503 and UK tour).

Xana is a sound designer/artist, live loop musician, composer, performer, theatre maker and poet who has worked on critically-acclaimed theatre shows and performed around the world. Xana’s creative work focuses on archives and embodying our future narratives and memories through sci-fi, magical realism and blending their genres orchestral noise/thick bass.

Xana features on the award-winning track Afronaut on the Mercury prize-nominated Driftglass by Seed Ensemble. Xana is one of the Associate Artists at Ovalhouse Theatre with their debut show Swallowing Your Idols, co-organiser of Afrotech Fest, publishes the children’s comic Afronaut Squad and was a 2020 Offie-finalist for Best Sound Design. 

Theatre credits: Chicken Burger and Chips (Brockley Jack Theatre), The Body Remembers (Fuel Theatre); Ivan and the Dogs, Fairview (Young Vic);  Strange Fruit (Bush Theatre); Grey, Just Another Day and Night (Ovalhouse); 

Nightclubbing (Tour); Pink Lemonade (Gate Theatre); Mapping Brent FestivalBlood Knot (Orange Tree Theatre); SEX SEX MEN MEN (Pecs Drag Kings/Yard Theatre); Noughts and Crosses (Pilot/Derby Theatre); Burgerz (Hackney Showroom); Obama and Me (Talawa); Black Holes (The Place); Hive City Legacy (Roundhouse); seedsHalf-breed (Soho Theatre) Primetime (Royal Court Theatre).

Writer/Actor credits: Swallowing Your Idols (Ovalhouse); Asian Pirate Musical (Vaults) 

Read more about the make up of the Taskforce 


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