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relearning history through a discovery of my african roots

I started writing this article with the intention of exploring and uncovering my connection with East Africa as a British
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i didn’t know i was black until i immigrated

When you’re born and raised in a West African country, racism is more of a concept than it is a
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the year of the return

Year of Return. Back home. Back to Africa en masse has been a long time coming. In 2019 Ghana held
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black-scottish, black-british or part of the black diaspora?

“I was born in here, but my parents are Nigerian.”  Those words were my life. For a long time, they
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generation afropolitan: the diaspora

This November, AD Natalie set out on an international trip to meet African diaspora and find out where they’re from,
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planes, trains and automobiles

At tiata fahodzi, our mission is to illuminate the mixed, multiple experiences of the African diaspora in Britain today. This November
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Kin Podcast: There’s More To Life Than A JLO Booty

“What happens when you can’t see yourself in the world? What happens when your identity was built on being the only
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