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Kin Podcast: There’s More To Life Than A JLO Booty

“What happens when you can’t see yourself in the world? What happens when your identity was built on being the only one?” – Natalie Ibu

Kin Podcast, a podcast produced and hosted by playwright Sarah Kosar, kicked off their second season with their first episode There’s more to Life than a JLO Booty featuring tf’s very own Natalie Ibu, her aunt Susan and cousin Jennifer.  

Sarah, her friend Axel, Natalie, Susan and Jennifer discuss the tensions of mixed African heritage, including the age old question ‘Where are you from? No, where are you from?, what hair means for them as black women, how certain aspects of blackness have become ‘trendy’ in popular culture and interrogating whether this is really progression.

An intimate conversation on their racial and gender identities throughout their lives, Natalie, Jennifer and Susan open up with honest perspectives and experiences. We are reminded that stories of the diaspora are diverse, rich and there are always different narratives to hear.  

Kin Podcast is a new podcast of conversations between friends, lovers and family on what it means to be kin. You can listen to this episode and the entire series on Soundcloud, iTunes and on Sarah’s website.

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