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good dog: show me the numbers

It’s been one month since we finished our tour of good dog by Arinzé Kene – how time has flown by. Although we’ve moved on to other projects, we still hold good dog, Boy and the whole neighbourhood very close to our hearts. 

We got a lot of love for good dog over the four weeks it was on the road – we were so touched that we put together a Storify of the tweets and instas we received from you all. It’s pretty emosh. 

At tiata fahodzi, we’re not just about words – we’re a huge fan of numbers. To honour a banging national tour, we’ve done a round-up of our favourite stats for good dog:

     – we toured for 4 weeks

     – we visited 8 venues and did 17 performances 

     – the team did a total of 31 train journeys

     – the good dog van traveled approximately 1,635 miles 

     – good dog had over 450 sound cues

     – we used 12 different voices to create Boy’s neighbourhood 

     – we submitted 1 NPO application 

     – we had 16 meetings in our beloved Pret on Watford High Street (also known as our second office)

     – our beloved Pret served us about 30 hot bevs – green teas, soya lattes, americanos and teas 

     – Wasi, our production photographer, captured over 1400 images of the show when she visited Watford Palace Theatre on 14 February 

      1,375 people came to see our show

     – our resident gym buff Natalie visited 3 national gyms on tour

     – we survived 1 tube strike

     – we also survived the rage of 1 Storm Doris 

     – and since the show we’ve managed to have 1 lovely reunion! (Don’t we all look like a happy bunch?)











We also have statistics worth celebrating from AD and director of good dog Natalie Ibu’s Life Cycle app which automatically tracked her time over the tour. If you’re about that life of seeing how your time is split up, we seriously recommend this app. Here are the highlights and a week-by-week breakdown:   

     – 90 hours spent at the theatre

     – 50 hours of walking 

     – 596,629 steps (no blisters induced, would you believe) 

     – 162 hours of well-deserved sleep













A new season brings a whole lot of new work. We’ve teamed up with Paines Plough to develop mixed brain by TF friend and Original Bossman Nathan Bryon.

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