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Bhav’s first month at tiata fahodzi

Our new administrator Bhavini Goyate does a throwback to her first month at tiata fahodzi – we can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone.

“My first month as administrator for tiata fahodzi has been fantastic, challenging and a breath of fresh air (and not just because I’m in rural Watford). When I started at #tfhq I’d just came back from a two month backpacking trip in Canada – I was excited to be thrown back into the theatre world again, I knew I wanted to get into BAME theatre, that was where my career was leading. To get this wonderful job has opened me up to a world of ideas and experiences and this is just the beginning. 

Working at #tfhq has been fantastic; there is never a dull day which has meant that time has flown past, before you know it it will be time to get our spring 2017 production on the road (keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!). Here is my time so far in pictures (the majority of these wonderful memories can be found on our Instagram and Twitter):













My first day with my special pen (I love that pen). 












The playing field where tfhq is in Holywell, West Watford – on beautiful days like this you can take a walk in the fields – the joy! (The commute is super sweet too.)












My artistic moment capturing tf Artistic Director Natalie in conversation with Dan and Adam of TEAfilms














AD Natalie, Digital Officer Bridget and I in between talks at Africa Utopia at the Southbank Centre.                                                                                                                                                          













Natalie and I mid-Boomerang on our way to our store in St. Albans – what an adventure.

And this is only the first month – what does the future hold you ask? Why don’t you sign up to tiata mail and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr to find out. 


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