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24 hours until Latitude – a chat with our digital officer

After last week’s chat with Yomi Sode about Latitude, we decided to speak to a Latitude veteran closer to home: Bridget Minamore, our Digital Officer. Here are a few words from her about Latitude, loving theatre, and half loving living in a tent… 

“This year will be my third at Latitude; I’ve been to the festival twice before. The first a few years ago, as part of a spoken word show called 1990s BPM with poetry organisation Poejazzi, and then last year to perform in the Poetry Arena solo for the first time. If I’m honest, I think that this year I’m most looking forward to just getting into the festival. The journey is always a long one and it can be quite stressful, but I know how great it’ll all be once I arrive. I know how much I love it, and I know how it all works. I might not have been as many times as some people, but I definitely feel happy getting ready to go down to a festival that I know so much about already.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing bricks and pieces again, but in a totally different environment. The first tiata fahodzi production I saw was actually i know all the secrets in my world at Latitude last year, so I guess the festival holds a special place in my heart because of that too. Last year, I went to see the play with some friends and we all left the tent weeping; the production was so beautiful. It’s so strange to be working with the company now, and to see their second Latitude production. I came on board right at the beginning of bricks and pieces so feel quite attached to the play, and it feels doubly nice to see it to its end. I’m also looking forward to reading my poems – I’ve got two 20 minute sets on early Friday and Saturday evenings, which I think are really good times to engage a new audience. 

I’m almost ready for Latitude: my bags are packed, my wellies are clean and I’ve stocked up in extra socks, wet wipes and waterproof (but colourful!) clothing. I’ve been going to festivals for years, and camped at all of them, so I’m not too daunted by that aspect of it all. I’m actually not the sort of person who enjoys camping, but festivals are different – also, I’m in the performers camp, which is really nice and communal. There are always so many artists roaming around willing to talk, so that should be a lot of fun. I’ll definitely be in the front row for bricks and pieces, but beyond that I try not to commit to seeing anything too far in advance. Some of my favourite festival times have involved walking into a play or to see a singer on a whim and having an amazing time, so here’s hoping I can do a lot of that again this year. I’ve always had a great time at Latitude, and I’m hopeful this one will be even better.”

bridget minamore is the Digital Officer for tiata fahodzi and a freelance writer, poet and performer. Her pamphlet of poems, Titanic, is out now, and she’ll be reading at Latitude festival this year in the Poetry Arena on Friday 15 July at 6.10pm, and Saturday 16 July at 4.40pm. 

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